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Trends We Love: Athletic Grey

Recently, we've been noticing classic athletic grey shades coming out of the gym and onto the street. Marled charcoals, slate tones, and silvers have been everywhere from clothing to accessories and we're right in tune with the trend. We love the easy transition the color makes from day to night, and...

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Design With Mexican Blankets

Designing with Mexican blankets is an affordable way to add bold color and pattern into your space. It's been really interesting seeing these items become a trend recently. We see Mexican blankets anywhere from yoga studios to living rooms because they tend to be quite inexpensive.  Check out a few...

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Recent Obsession: Borosil Glassware

Our newest home ware obsession are these beautiful glasses by Borosil. Available in tumblers or high balls these delicate glasses are etched with delicate patterns and imagery.  Not only are they lovely to look at but they are lightweight and durable - perfect for entertaining. Made of borosilicate glass, they...

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Trends We Love: Waxed Canvas

Dating as far back as the 1800's, waxed canvas has been used in the sailing industries for centuries now,  originally designed in Scotland by coating cotton canvas with paraffin wax to waterproof sail cloths and seamen's capes. Recently we've been seeing a resurgence of this durable and waterproof material throughout the design...

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Everlasting Obsession: Indigo

The ongoing decor and fashion trend of dyed indigos and rich blues has yet to wear off on me. Maybe its the trueness of the color blue, or the way something that would usually come off as hippie chic can seem so sophisticated, but it tends to catch my eye every...

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