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The ongoing decor and fashion trend of dyed indigos and rich blues has yet to wear off on me. Maybe its the trueness of the color blue, or the way something that would usually come off as hippie chic can seem so sophisticated, but it tends to catch my eye every time. Transforming from a seasonal Summer color into a year round staple, as we head into Spring the longing for extended daylight hours and Summer sun has inspired a roundup of some of our favorite applications of this ancient hue.

A lovely minimalist bedroom scene has incorporated Indigo sparingly but enough to make the desired impact. 

 Breathable linens over dyed in Indigo make this mock neck dress from First Rite is a no brainer closet staple. We can't wait for her Spring 2015 collection to land in the store. 

This "Sky" necklace by Is Was + Will Be is the perfect marriage of Lapis and Brass. Available at Stripe. 

I would jump out of bed to have my morning coffee in this beautiful indigo and white ceramic mug from Leif Shop

Pictured Above: 1.First Rite Mock Neck Dress // 2. Indigo Bedroom Scene // 3. Roost Indigo Linen Pouch from Stripe // 4. Ceramic Mug from Leif Shop // 5. Is Was + Will Be Sky Necklace from Stripe // 6. Indigo Dyed Chuck Taylors 

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