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Dating as far back as the 1800's, waxed canvas has been used in the sailing industries for centuries now,  originally designed in Scotland by coating cotton canvas with paraffin wax to waterproof sail cloths and seamen's capes. Recently we've been seeing a resurgence of this durable and waterproof material throughout the design and fashion industries and we couldn't be happier. The utilitarian properties of waxed canvas mixed with sleek designs is a happy marriage of beauty and functionality. 

This waxed canvas apron by Corral Made is a Stripe favorite. We love the mix of materials. Available online in two sizes. 

This sofa is perfectly sleek yet inviting. The leather straps that hold the cushions in place are a great feature. Found on Remodelista.com

Strawfoot Handmade has been making waxed canvas bags and accessories for a few years now and they never fail to impress. This olive green dope kit has long since been a Stripe MEN staple and it's going nowhere fast. Available in store and online. 

When we think of waxed canvas outerwear, Barbour always comes to mind first. This classic riding jacket is a true beauty.  Barbour.com


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