Designing with Mexican blankets is an affordable way to add bold color and pattern into your space. It's been really interesting seeing these items become a trend recently. We see Mexican blankets anywhere from yoga studios to living rooms because they tend to be quite inexpensive. 

Check out a few rooms that accessorize with Mexican blankets beautifully:

This outdoor space just got a whole lot brighter with these upholstered cushions. If you try and visualize this image without the cushions, you can see a modern, neutral atmosphere but with the Mexican fabric, the space is transformed into a more festive and bright environment.  //image//

The backdrop of this image feels quite serious with the clean lined furniture and the dark gray walls. Upholstering the built ins adds quite a bold statement and also makes this space feel a lot less serious. //image//

We are loving how this monochromatic stark dining room transformed with just the little hint of color and pattern with the upholstery. The classic Tulip chair got a whole new look. //image//

This is definitely a favorite image. We love this tablescape that could work well in a wedding reception or any outdoor summer time event. //image//

This would be a really great DIY:  4 midcentury modern hairpin legs and an upholstered cushion creates the perfect accent bench. //image//

Ever wonder how to decorate your simple white bed without committing to a duvet that may go out of style? This image shows you how to use the Mexican blankets as a perfect accent in pillows and throws and still keep the space feeling light and bright. //image//

This is quite a traditional Mexican abode all inclusive with thick plastered white walls, rustic wood and wrought iron candelabra. //image//

And finally, this image displays a great way to use a more edited palate to add a little more pattern and flare to a commercial space. //image//

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