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Stripe at Home: Ariela's Midtown Hideaway

   Ariela's house is filled with influences from nature.  Her love of natural materials is echoed over and over with the thoughtfully arranged collections of found objects and clusters of potted succulents.  The house has a counry cottage feel to it, with lightweight  gauzy window treatments and lots of natural...

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When In: Austin, TX

We've just returned from another fabulous trip to Austin, TX , an eagerly anticipated annual business getaway to check out the city's best spots and do some vintage buying for the stores.  Straight off the plane, it is tradition for Dana and I to head to Ironworks Barbecue, just 15 miles...

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Design Client: Scotts Valley Complete Overhaul

We've been plugging away with our residential client in Scotts Valley who approached us in January when she bought a house and wanted a complete remodel.  The design was inspired by ethnic textiles and textures that would create a warm, casual and bright home. In our initial meeting, we heard our client...

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Stripe at Home: Leda's Beach Hill Home

Leda and her partner Jorge were delighted when a charming little detached cottage popped up for rent near some of their favorite friends.  The light filled home is elevated so there are stairs up to the entryways.  The kitchen is in tact 1940's vintage with floor to ceiling built –...

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