This past December we finally got the opportunity to redesign our office. The space functions as a design firm, online store, mini photo studio, office for retail stores and a meeting space for clients, vendors and staff.

Because the area is only 400 sq ft, it actually felt like real life Tetris trying to figure out how to fit everyone's needs into this small space.  

First came the floor plan: 

Then came the chaos:

And finally we got to reap the benefits!

This is the view as you enter the office. The round wood table is where we hold our meetings.  

Here's Suna working hard at her desk. 

Our office used to be filled with open shelves which made it visually cluttered so our main focus was to put everything behind doors. You'll also notice that there are only two chairs at 4 desks. That's because Leda and Ariela like to use their vintage leather swivel chairs while Dana and Suna use a yoga ball. Like I said, we all have different needs. 

This work counter is used for wrapping items we have sold online or for putting together design boards for interior design clients. Also we get to peak out onto the store floor from here. We love seeing the clouds from our latest back wall.

On this end of the office we have a few of our favorite friends. We'll start off with our friend, Soozie. Soozie entered our lives late last year when we decided that we needed some back therapy for us ladies that deal with back issues. You get to stand on Soozie while she vibrates and you are meant to do different exercises to help relieve pain and tension in the body. Señor Xyron and Large Format Printer are used for the makings of design boards. Leda's mini photo studio is where she takes beautiful shots of products. And we can't forget about our Officejet printer who took it's last breath last week. Let's take moment....

Another feature we designed in is a shelf that runs the length of our 2 long walls. They hold vintage items, design books, collections, beautiful pottery and inspirational objects.

It's important to have a plan in case of emergencies. See below. 

We spend a lot of our days wiping down our beautiful white desks and cabinets but it's worth it. 

Dana has a serious love for vintage scissors. Her scissor collection used to hide in her drawers so when we got to update the office we made sure to feature this fabulous collection. 

The Pez collection is on the wall you see when you walk up the stairs to our office. This has been here since the store opened - we love how colorful this wall feels prior to entering our clean, white space. We also have our window and wall displays planned out in advance for 2015. We use our whiteboard to write down dates, inspiration, paint colors and descriptions. The cork wall functions as our inspiration board so we can add visuals cues to the written notes.

It feels great to have a well thought out private space that inspires and encourages creative thought as much as the showroom downstairs does.

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