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William Hines grew up in the Los Angeles area and was exposed to black and white photography through his dad.
Largely self-taught, Hines claims no formal education in photography. Though he enjoys the process of taking photographs with the pinhole camera and developing and printing his own photographs in a darkroom, William offsets this laborious and difficult method of producing images with taking photos on his iPhone.
“With all of my art, my intention is to capture what I saw and felt as honestly and objectively as possible, and to relay that without manipulation – I don’t crop or edit anything – it’s whatever my camera captured, so that the subject speaks for itself. To me, there’s something captivating about fine art black and white prints. Seeing all of the fine details throughout, knowing that there’s no ink involved – it’s all silver. If someone has that experience with one of my images, that’s great.”
Friday November 1st
5-9 pm
117 Walnut Ave. 

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