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Hunter Liggett, Road Scene


Though I’ve been painting for under ten years, my entire life has been spent in some type of creative work:  first there was architectural design, followed by textile design (weaving, fabric printing and some quilting), then a long career in writing (and sometimes illustrating) children’s books.

Painting doesn’t really feel that different from my earlier endeavors; there’s a new skill set to be learned, but I am still applying the same guiding rules of good composition, interesting shapes and textures, foreground, middle ground, background, and good color and value relationships.

Most of my work is in water-based media (watercolor, gouache, and acrylic). Watercolor is the more challenging of the two. You have to make quick decisions, as the paint can run, plus certain colors can stain the paper (this can be horrifying or used to its advantage).  Acrylic is a more malleable material, but it dries quickly and it lacks the sheen of oil. However, new products can put some sheen back in, and, as an advantage over watercolor, you can change your mind! (Just rub it off).

I prefer to paint living things: most often that means landscapes in watercolor and landscapes and portraits in acrylic. Beauty abounds in this area and it is always a challenge to capture the mood of an ever-changing landscape or a breathing subject.

Friday October 4th, 5-9 pm

107 Walnut Ave.


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