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E. Lo-pez. Huitzil_ Huitzilopochtli

"The Birds and The Bees" is a show comprised of current as well as previously shown prints. The idea behind this show was to create a large body of work through three different stages, all having one interwoven theme. The core theme, "El Jardin" or "The Garden" can be split into three parts: flowers, bees, and hummingbirds. Each subset can be mixed and matched, shown altogether, or individually. The most recently added component, the hummingbirds, completes the set. I chose hummingbirds because it came as a natural progression in looking at the environment around me. As I focused on flowers, I came to see bees, and it was through this observation that I noticed the codependency amongst all three. It was not until I noticed all three elements that I realized they were all connected. I followed up by researching hummingbirds and discovered they are not just small, pretty birds; their history is deeply embedded with lore. Hummingbirds are believed to represent lovers, messengers, warriors, rebirth and the sun.

It is always difficult to start something new, as each series provides a different challenge from the last, but it is always a pleasure. I hope this show allows you to take notice of the not so mundane.

Friday October 4th

5-9 pm

117 Walnut Ave.

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