This month at Stripe MEN we will be featuring the beautiful photography of Tommy Parker. A series of images of the vast country and desert landscapes inspired by a recent road trip. 

You travelled a lot for this series, what did you find most fulfilling about being on the road with your camera?

The solitude; it seemed like everywhere I pulled over to hike, camp, or photograph over those 4,500 miles was either abandoned or too uninhabitable to have ever been touched. There was a silence that shrouded those places, ESPECIALLY in the desert, that I found profoundly peaceful. 

What inspired you to start using your photography on a more professional level?

 It was really a friend of mine in New Zealand, whom I helped out on a photo shoot, that inspired me to take my photography to a more meaningful, if not necessarily a more professional, level. In his portfolio, I found that he was not only using his photography as a means of making a living, but also as a serious tool to support social and environmental causes he believed in. I immediately wanted to be a part of it, and have been working hard ever since to reach a level
where I can be.

Which artist do you most admire?
This is a tough one, there are SO many incredible artists out there, but I'd probably have to point to Steve McCurry. There are very few photographers who are able to integrate artistic beauty and meaningful storytelling the way that Steve does.

Song most listened to while traveling?
Coming Home by Leon Bridges. Nothing like some neo-soul to lighten up a trip through the deserts of Nevada and Utah. 

Come down to Stripe MEN this Friday, July 3rd from 5-9 for the opening reception and delicious drink tastings by Venus Spirits.


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