20% Off 8x10 Picture Frames by Alibi Interiors | Discount Applied at Checkout
These beautiful clay cactus mugs are made in Santa Cruz by local designer Coco Barrett-Tormey especially for Stripe. We're loving them so much and can't wait to share with you why...
  • Each piece is handmade, glazed, and painted meaning there are no two mugs alike. 
  • Each glaze is unique, whether you enjoy the speckled partially glazed piece, the matte glaze that resembles a desert sunrise, or the clean white and brown look, theres one for everybody. 
  • The mugs have a thumb impression that adds a lovely detail and better grip. 
  • We love the crazy varieties of cacti that are carved or painted around the sides. They create such a beautiful landscape on each piece. 
  • They're made right here in Santa Cruz! We love supporting local vendors and their crafts. 

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