This First Friday, we are so excited to be showing the art of Stripe's very own Chloë Martinez. Chloë's colorful and eclectic style will be showcased during the month of April at Stripe. Join us in welcoming this new artist to the scene on Friday, April 3rd from 5-9pm

Describe your artistic style in three words.
Collaged poster paintings.  

Tell us a little about your upcoming show at Stripe.
My show at Stripe is a collaboration of new and old. Working in the shop you see a relation between mid-century home and modern design. I emphasized the relation with collaged pieces of vintage books and fresh patterns. I have paintings of 1970's prints mixed with clean lines. There is also a mixture of mediums to showcase the different textures you see in the shop daily.

If you had to choose one medium for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
If I had to choose just one medium for the rest of my life it would have to be Copic markers. Lots and lots of Copic markers.

What era would you most like to have lived in and why?
I would love to be 18 in 1974.  Bell-bottoms and a young Patrick Swayze… enough said.

Opening Reception Friday April 3rd at Stripe from 5-9pm

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