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Since our first unforgettable whiff of Dasein's Winter cologne, we were smitten. It's cool notes of blue spruce and calming lavender left us swooning and we've been carrying their mouth watering scents ever since. Now with the launch of their newest fragrance, Spring, we're head over heels again and have to share with you just why we love their perfumes so much. 

1. They're unisex. Anything my boyfriend and I can both wear is a plus. 
2. The ingredients used are of the highest quality and are all natural. I can be confident that the scent won't disappear by afternoon. 
3. They've truly captured each season in a bottle. Winter has blue spruce, black cardamom, forest pine, and french lavender. All perfectly cool but comforting. Spring, vetiver, violet, sandalwood, rose, and yuzu. All of these ingredients are blended to create a floral yet earthy scent representing the promise of Springtime. 
4. The packaging. They're simple and sophisticated bottles standout on my perfume shelf. 
5. They're made in Glassel Park, CA. We love supporting American made perfumers and moving away towards those you see at perfume counters in department stores. 

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