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Vincent Waring for First Friday at Stripe Men

Vincent Waring cyanotype


Vincent Waring Artist Statement

Through this series, I explore the complex interrelationship between nature and ourselves. The present ways in which we share and connect to one another has been radically changed. The instantaneous ability to communicate, and what we thus absorb from the various information sources around us, gives me pause to consider how this has affected our own comprehension of our place in things. Our appetite for resources is visible. As we start to witness the disappearance of wild spaces, I find that it is paramount to have conversations centered around our relationship to nature— that we are in fact nature. We are effective at listening to the noise that we ourselves have created, but have perhaps lost grasp of our daily practice of listening to the humbling, living environments that surround us. Listening to the voice of the Earth is becoming an ever-pressing need. It is what is essential to maintain the fabric that supports life.

This work allows me to explore my personal sense of responsibility to this larger living world. Some images in this series explore the intricate beauty of the landscape, and others have radiographic waves and magnetic pulses overlapping with the organic. This speaks to the layers of forces present in each moment, affecting our finite and delicate Earth in life-altering ways.

Vincent Waring is a maker of sorts based out of Santa Cruz, CA. He is interested in the ecology of wild and intentional spaces, which he often explores through imagery reflecting parts of the whole. He utilizes a variety of mediums, including printmaking, painting, and drawing. Born and raised in the Central Valley, he moved to Santa Cruz to attend the University of California where he received a BA in Studio Art. In the midst of making art, he also spends his days working with textiles, wood, and plants.


Join us in welcoming Vincent Waring as our Stripe Men First Friday artist for the month of December!

Artist Reception

December 1, 2017

Stripe Men


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