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Stacey Pollard : An Interview and an Opening


Growing up, what did art mean to you and how did you find yourself drawn to creating? I always drew and read and made things growing up-- still do. I got an English degree at Colorado College, but I kept taking art classes along with that. Even while I was working as an editor I kept drawing and painting.

How were you trained and who/what are some of your influences? I went back to school and studied painting and printmaking at San Jose State-- the BFA program. Loved it. Started out doing mainly figurative work-- but that has changed over time... My BFA show was based on landscape. The list of artists that inspire me is changing too, but  the core group is Georgia O'Keefe, Richard Diebenkorn, Edward Hopper, Pierre Bonnard, Clifford Stills. 

What do you find yourself being inspired to create lately? The new series is loosely based on interiors, working from memory, can be views too. I'm enjoying the new palette, and watching the series develop. 

How do you feel you have changed or are changing as an artist? Well, I started out drawing people, going to life classes, drawing realistically, and working in oil! I also made collagraph prints with a pretty limited palette. I started painting with acrylic because I lost my access to a press; now I couldn't go back. The paintings were like printing plates, with built-up texture and glazes. That's still true, but my palette is changing and I'm excited to see what happens next!


Join us Friday August 5th from 5-9 to view Stacey's work and enjoy delicious Summer cocktails. 

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