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Shannon Belardi at Stripe First Friday

Shannon Belardi painting

Shannon Belardi

Artist Statement

My recent work has been an exploration across three mediums — drawing, painting, and printmaking. In my paintings, the surface is developed by pouring puddles of solvent and pigment on the canvas and later going back into the work with opaque marks. In my drawings and etchings, value is created through a process of accumulated marks organized in a soft ground of abstract grids and spectrums. I work cautiously to preserve specifics areas of the paper or canvas to create controlled environments for my mark making. I often use photographs as a starting point and later abandon source material in order to abstract the images from memory. My work references recent photos that I have taken while spending time in the rural areas of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Jose State University in 2015 and currently live and work in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

We're excited to have Shannon Belardi's work at Stripe. Join us for art and cocktails at our First Friday reception on May 5th, 5–9pm.

To view more of Shannon's work, visit shannonbelardi.com.

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