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October First Friday

Gracia Espigule Stanfield 

Gracia was born and raised in Barcelona (Catalonia), where she earned her Fine Arts Degree and evolved as an artist. Today, she lives and works in Santa Cruz with her family. 

Her art is inspired by elements of nature, mixed with intangible concepts like human emotions and the mysteries of life and the unknown. Her latest paintings establish a natural connection through symbolic representation of animals and half-human, half-god/goddesses; accented with the language of color. Characters evoke concepts of harmony, duality and transformation. 

Gracia’s imaginary world is always present in her paintings, transmitting the cultural and artistic diversity of her life, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. 

“I paint from my soul without intention. When I take the brush, colors and canvas I begin adapting composition, shapes and colors. I would like my paintings to invite a feeling of calm, balance and spirituality. Be still and see.” 


Alayne Yellum 

My works use symbols derived from the animal world and from domestic life, and often unite otherwise unprepossessing elements in curious and vibrant relation. Gender, identity, and the purpose of our lives are central themes in my paintings, as they are in my life.

Drawn in initially by the intimate scale of these pieces, then by their intensely autobiographical and psychological nature, it is my hope that viewers ultimately come to consider their own lives, times, and troubles.

Utilizing a surreal style, these small-scale works--usually oil or mixed media on canvas or wood--receive multiple glazings and layerings of many colors, and seek to evoke the shadow qualities of our memory.


First Friday Artist Reception 

Gracia Stanfield at Stripe 

Alayne Yellum at Stripe Men 

Friday, October 4th



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