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May First Friday

Caryn Owen

As an emerging artist in Santa Cruz, California, my vibrant abstract landscapes evoke the lovely shades of Northern California seascapes and beaches.  In 2017, I was inspired to create paintings of the beautiful botanicals of my travels.  I currently have two abstract series reflecting these two inspirations.

I consider myself a colorist, focusing more on featuring intense colors rather than forms. My abstract paintings are modern, bold, feminine and colorful.  As I layer colors on the canvas, my pictures tend to evolve, with each layer adding texture and depth.


Matt Farrar

Matt Farrar is an artist and graphic designer from the Puget Sound in Washington State. He studied painting and printmaking in Seattle and earned his BFA in 1996 from Cornish College of the Arts whereupon he developed a modest studio art career. In 2004, he earned a Graduate degree in Scientific Illustration from UCSC and turned his attention to architectural illustration and graphic design. At the moment Matt is an Art Director at Poly (formally Plantronics) and continues to provide graphic services to local and Bay Area clients.


This small series of art works are representations of landscapes from memory—scattered vistas and wooded interiors around the Central Coast and High Sierra. Each is painted on panel with oil paint and beeswax. The material process is referred to as cold-wax encaustic which creates a pleasant surface and luminosity that supports the intended light in memorial.


First Friday Artist Reception
Caryn Owen at Stripe
Matt Farrar at Stripe MEN
Friday, May 3rd


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