March First Friday


Whatever Works is a mixed media series and self-reflective exploration of current events using analogue mediums. Simplifying contrasting information + subtext, while striving to find moments of clarity and wit, provides a way to process this political landscape visually. This series focuses on the simplicity of tribal lines, graphic movement, high contrast with surface texture using fluid line work, vintage text and metallic stitching that holds it all together.

Ellis Hepburn holds a BFA in Graphic Design + Art History, and an MFA in Fiber Arts / Textile Design both from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga. She is a member of the Textile Society of America and an Adjunct Professor of Fibers / Textiles at SCAD.


Cheryl Moreno was born in Carmel, California. She received her degree from Art Center College. In 2010 Moreno began drawing and painting full-time. She works mostly from imagination and memory. Her studio is in Aptos, California.

This new body of work is a brief departure from painting. Moreno became interested in found objects after participating in the SCRAP residency in 2018.

These delicate collage pieces incorporate objects found at the local landfill. They explore multiple ideas around stereotypes, gun violence, domesticity, nature, and industry.


First Friday Artist Reception
Stripe and Stripe MEN
Friday, March 1st


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