Leigh Erickson April First Friday

Leigh Erickson 
“Womb With A View”

This entire body of work was created during the last few months of my pregnancy. I wanted to capture the feelings, thoughts and visions I was experiencing while going through one of the most significant yet foreign experiences of my life to date.

My work is essentially a representation of my right and left brain having a conversation. I enjoy creating visual stimulations by painting and using mixed media while practicing color theory and exploring their infinite combinations. In recent years, my work has led me further into the study of abstract expressionism to best convey my perception. Up until this series, there hasn’t been a blueprint or foregone conclusion in place, but only to be present during the process. The intention was always the process itself. However, painting while pregnant, this approach has shifted. For the first time, I started planning out my paintings a bit more.

My approach to abstract painting is ever-evolving, but this experience has influenced that more than anything. I don’t have much explanation for this other than possibly chemical changes in my brain feeling the need to be more prepared in life right now- all while holding on to the fine balance between that and letting things unfold organically. In my last trimester, we made the decision to switch from a hospital birth to a natural birthing center. Within this series alone, my work evolved from more solid bolder colors to lighter, even more fluid lines and color. I think that had to do with the parallel of my thought process and approach to my delivery. While being encouraged to have a birth plan, I’m also holding space for things to happen as they should, all while keeping a positive headspace in mind. With all of the bright colors being used, it’s safe to say I’d like to think my baby has had a pretty joyful and posi- tive experience while in the womb. Just like my pregnancy journey, it has been nothing but healthy and blissful, so I hope you feel the same when viewing these pieces.

Womb With A View is more than just what the baby sees inside the womb, but a story of the many visions the mother experiences throughout her pregnancy journey as well.


Leigh received a BA of Art Administration with a focus in Graphic Design at the University of Maine in 2010. She spent the following years doing graphic design and marketing work for a multitude of industries. When she moved to Santa Cruz in 2013, she began taking what she learned in her painting classes in college and putting them into use again and slowly has incorporated this in her professional work. She works between graphic design, and the explo- rations of abstract painting, and hopes to continue to combine them into future works. Leigh is the Creative Director of a Fintech start-up, the Co-Founder of The Art Cave, an art collective and gallery on the Westside of Santa Cruz, and has shown her artwork around the Bay Area.

You can find more of Leigh’s work @leighericksonart or



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