June Artist - Anne Martinete

We are very excited to host the work of Anne Martinete -- one of our very own team members! Anne will be showing a collection of film photographs taken around Santa Cruz.



Artist Statement

This collection of film photographs is a rumination on color, light, and feeling. My hope is that these photographs bring you into the moment — which is why I choose to use film. My experience with film is that it forces me to slow down, to understand the mechanics of a camera, and surrender to the unpredictability of the film itself. There’s an element of chance, which makes it fun.

Cameras used: Canon AE-1, Olympus XA, Hasselblad 500C

Anne has been shooting film photography for four years, using it to document her experience living in Santa Cruz. She is currently a photographer for local brands and businesses. 

📍 Unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe, descendents of the Ohlone peoples.

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