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Jason Cowan at Stripe First Friday Santa Cruz

Jason Cowan First Friday Santa Cruz at Stripe

Jason Cowan

Artist Statement

The work selected for this show was made between 2010 and 2017.  Most of the pieces, (the panel series), were made between Winter 2015 and Summer 2017.

The physicality of the work stems from the first integral steps of the creative process.  The selecting of material (wood, canvas), and construction (cutting, nailing, sewing, gluing, refining) of the platform on which the paint is eventually laid is the primary, and often times the only tangible, physical action that occurs before the first mark is made.

To my dismay, throughout this body of work I have been loathe to make any preparatory sketches or drawings. The work is created as a physical response to my emotional state. The painting happens in a linear fashion, each mark is a reaction to the mark just made, which precedes the mark that is to follow. Though I often try to convince myself that I am pursuing deep universal truths about space and form, while linking individual narratives with collective experience and the boundaries of visual communication, blah, blah, blah, the simple truth is, I just want paint a pretty picture, validate my own existence and not screw any of it up too badly in the process.

First Friday Artist Reception
September 1st
Cocktails will be served.

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