January Artist of the Month - Isadora Gullov-Singh

What are consistent themes in your work—what do you find yourself returning to?

All of my work is inspired by nature and architecture. I am constantly inspired by the world around me, but for me it is not about a literal interpretation, it is about capturing a feeling, a moment and distilling it into its essence. I want my work to feel effortless, to help a person or a space's energy flow. Ultimately, I want my work to support deeper reflection.

How do you define the term ‘artist’? 

That's a tough question for me as it carries so much weight. As a young person, I always wanted to be an artist, but for most of my adult life I didn't have the courage to declare myself as one. Then a few years ago, after listening to a podcast, I realized that if I want to be in alignment with my true self, I needed to give myself permission to be an artist. To me, being an artist is about sharing how you see and feel the world through the act of creating.


What is your favorite piece from your collection at Stripe and why?

My "Lost and Found" collection at Stripe is a collection of small collage works on paper. The vision behind this collection is about reinterpretation and reimagining. It's hard to pick a favorite because each piece came to life because the materials spoke to me and willed themselves into being. I had to listen carefully, so the relationship I developed with each piece was very intimate.

What motivates you to continue to create?

Even when I didn't formally declare myself as an artist, I was always creating and I know I always will. I want to continue to examine the world, what it makes me think and feel.  I want to continue to explore and be curious about life. Creating allows me to dig deeper into my existence and is essential to who I am.

How has your practice changed over time?

When I was younger, my art practice was more about me. As I have matured, my art practice is more disciplined and my art is more outward oriented. While my work comes from a place of how I see and feel the world, the work I create is about sharing that experience and giving my viewers a jumping off point for their own experiences. A really important part of my growth as an artist is that I now understand that the work I create isn't for everyone, and that my work will resonate with the ones it is meant for.


A Collection of small works on paper

New Collection by Isadora Gullov-Singh at Stripe January 2022


Isadora is a local Bay Area artist. She was born in Rome and grew up in Paris to Filipino and Danish parents.  She moved to the US at 16 and eventually studied political science and painting at Columbia University, in New York City. After a hiatus of over twenty years, she returned to painting in 2019. She found that the intervening years had defined her artistic voice, while layering it with life experience. Her soft abstract minimalist art is influenced by the pure aesthetic that Danish design is known for, mixed in with a casual vibe influenced by over twenty years of living in California.

Visit her website here.

Pieces are for sale -- please call Stripe (831)421-9252 to purchase.

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