Father's Day Makers Spotlight

A One of a Kind Gift for Dad
By Kay Montesanto

One day each year, we take time to appreciate the fathers in our lives who have have proven their strength, resilience and determination. It is so often that parenting isn’t recognized on a daily basis, but at Stripe MEN we are creating a space wherein Father’s Day is a year long event, encouraging father’s to “treat yoselves” on any given day of the year.

This Father’s Day, we decided to drive pedal to the metal (quite literally) and invite our local makers, Amber Duncan and Terry McInerney to showcase their one of a kind, handmade items which will doubtlessly fit on the hand or in the pocket of any Dad in your life!

Amber Duncan is the owner and creative wildfire behind Mountainside Jewelry. She has been selling her stone cut earrings, necklaces, and inlay rings with Stripe for a year and a half, and she instantly became a customer favorite. With several jewelry making workshops under her belt, a new brick and mortar in Felton, and a spiritual head on her shoulders, we thought she would be the perfect maker for our Father’s Day pop-up event at Stripe MEN.

Because of her organic drawing, her jewelry tends to be fairly genderless in its style, especially when it comes to her Waylon and Roam Signet rings, as well as her Dune style inlay rings. Amber will be hauling these bona fide beauties down from Felton and straight into our MEN’s store, where you and the father in your life can meet the artist, and cart home a treat for Dad (maybe one yourself too, if you can’t resist.)

When we think about tenured makers at Stripe, we cant help but place a finger on Terry McInerney from Nuala Leather. Ever since the fateful day (10 years ago, if you can believe that) when Suna saw Terry on the streets of Santa Cruz carrying her magical creation— the Signature bag— we have been carrying Nuala leather pieces. It began of course with her Signature bag, which you have most likely spotted on Santa Cruz locals and others, and as Nuala has grown, she has expanded her collection to wallets, bracelets, smaller totes, and she’s even begun working on leather sandals. Lucky for us (and for the Dad in your life), Terry will also be joining us at Stripe MEN on Father’s Day weekend to sell her bifold and card wallets, all hand sewn in Santa Cruz by the creative genius herself. Even more enticing is the opportunity to hand stamp Dad’s initials into the given wallet you choose to purchase— yes, you read that correctly! Terry is bringing leather stamps in every letter, and additionally several emblematic stamps if thats more of Dad’s style.

Point being, we want to make sure you have Father’s Day covered in whatever form that means to you— whether Dad is into sporting some unique bling or simply needs a durable and individualized place to stow his cash, Amber and Terry are here to equip you with all the tools for Dad this weekend at Stripe MEN.

Father's Day Event
Saturday, June 15th
Stripe MEN

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