Enrique Lopez for First Friday Santa Cruz at Stripe Men

Enrique Lopez artwork Stripe Men

Enrique Lopez Artist Statement

Enrique Lopez is a Printmaker/Creator born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He studied Art while attending the University of California Santa Cruz and spent three years working as a Course Assistant in the Art Department. Currently, he is a monitor in the Print Department which allows him to use the University facilities to continue honing his craft and sharpening his skills. Enrique finds inspiration in the urban landscapes in which he grew up and in his cultural background. From birds and flowers, to cityscapes and graffiti, he is inspired by anything and everything he sees. He primarily employs three types of printmaking techniques: woodcuts, stenciling, and lithography.

“Zoología” is a series on the study of animals, spirit animals in particular. Each spirit animal corresponds to a specific person or persons whom I care about and who has influenced my life. “Zoología” is a small homage to those I hold near and dear.  As with much of my other work, I utilize three methods of printmaking: lithography, relief, and stenciling. One of the main goals behind “Zoología” was to keep things minimal and allow the simplicity to create elegance. I attempted to incorporate elements from my previous works and utilize them together for this series. I’m constantly adding and expanding to this body of work. What’s your spirit animal?


Join us in welcoming Enrique Lopez as our November artist at Stripe Men! 

Artist Reception 

November 3rd


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