December First Friday

Stephanie Martin 

I am honored to share my appreciation of the natural world through my art. For the past twelve years I have been dedicated to portraying some of the ephemeral treasures of our California coast, especially our birds and plants. With each sketch, I learn something new about my subject; time slows down, and I become lost in wonder.

Etching is a perfect medium for me. It allows me to create delicate lines, etch fine tonal areas that almost look like watercolor, and make striking marks and textures. It is a long and vexing process, involving copper, acid, scribing and burnishing tools, a press, powdered rosin, heat, ink, and paper. Not all etchings cross the finish line.

I explored new techniques (nitric spit bite) and subjects (landscape and abstract) at the famed Crown Point Press workshop this summer, and am excited for these new directions in my work. Many thanks to Suna and the wonderful people of Stripe for hosting local artists in this beautiful venue.


Zia Asuncion 

Zia Asuncion was born and grew up in Santa Cruz surrounded by nature, animals, and all forms of art. After exploring several different methods of creative expression throughout grade school, she discovered a love for drawing. However, Zia did not attend art school, nor has she had any formal training in her medium of choice. She opted to spend her years moving around the world, pursuing many of her other passions along the way instead. Art was only a hobby she continually returned to. Inspired by a profound connection to the natural world, and a desire to illustrate complex and deep emotion, her transition from small pencil sketches to much larger, detailed charcoal pieces came naturally. “Charcoal allows me to put my darkness down onto paper. Each piece takes me through an incredibly heartfelt emotional journey.” Zia hopes her artwork inspires the viewer to feel something powerful and deeply stirring within.


First Friday Artist Reception 

Stephanie Martin at Stripe

Zia Asuncion at Stripe Men

Friday, December 6th 


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