August First Friday


Months ago I imagined that I would create a new series of very hip and very irresistible small works of art for this show at Stripe. That didn’t happen, but during the procrastination process someone (N.S.) suggested I show works with stripes. Turns out that almost all of my works include some stripes. Problem solved. Here are some old, some new things with stripes. I hope you will enjoy them and consume them.




I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. This series of photographs was made after moving back to Santa Cruz from Portland, Oregon. Jobless and homeless (I now have a job and home, thankfully), I spent as much time as I could taking pictures of things and people that I'd left behind for all those years. These photos are only small parts of average days I've spent here, but they're important despite their seeming insignificance. What makes life is the collection of moments, things both important and unimportant, good and bad. These photos are my collection of in-between moments.

My main medium is 35mm black and white film. The first art medium I ever really loved was darkroom film photography, which I took classes for in high school. Even after graduating, it stuck. Pulling a roll of film out of the developing tank, holding it up to the light, and seeing those perfect little rectangles for the first time - this is the closest to magic I'll ever get.




Artist Reception
Stripe & Stripe MEN
August 3, 2018

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