Anna Sofia Amezcua - March First Friday
Anna Sofia Amezcua’s evocative, lushly colored paintings and murals explore
powerful expressions of emotion that celebrate what has been traditionally
undervalued and repressed as feminine. Her process is intuitive and gestural,
informed by movement, dance, and her sensitivity to color, which she
understands as the visual language of emotion. Exploring the polarities of
masculinity and femininity and where they intersect, she seeks a more articulate
and inclusive wholeness that embraces the infinite spectrum and variety of
human experience. Her subject matter is lived, felt, embodied experience
expressed through color, form, and gesture.
She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, in Bronxville, New York, where she
studied painting, dance and literature. She also attended Oxford University,
Oxford, England, and studied Movement Based Expressive Arts at the Tamalpa
Institute in Marin County, California. She exhibits her works both nationally and
internationally and is included in various private collections. She lives and works
in Eureka, CA.
In addition to painting, she brings her life-long study of body-centered practices
to her Embodied Abstract Painting Workshops, in which she facilitates deeper
connection to authentic self-expression through movement-inspired abstract
painting. Details about upcoming workshops are available on her website.
First Friday Reception
March 06th, 2020
Join us for cocktails, and a special artist talk at 6:30pm 

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