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We've backed SF based brand Tellason since opening Stripe MEN, and their releases continue to please.  We've been especially impressed with their new canvas Ladbroke Grove, a slim tapered pant made from superior quality selvedge canvas woven in Italy and Constructed in San Francisco. Due to the nature of the fabric and the fact that both the warp and weft threads are dyed indigo (as opposed to a standard denim that has an indigo weft and a white warp) you can expect high contrasting fades from this fabric over a shorter period of time. Made in Tellason's best selling fit, a comfortably snug slim tapered style. One of the many steps that Tellason takes in order to stand out among the growing Selvedge denim producers is their attention to detail.  They take the time to reinforce their back pockets as well as use heavy duty pocket bags so that you don't blow holes in your pocket and (lose a cherished family heirloom Rollagas lighter). 

You can find them at Stripe MEN, 117 Walnut Ave. 

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