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My art is about love of the land and rivers. By living in one place for fifty years, that place has come to reside in me. Ephemeral light, patterns, shapes, movement, relationships of colors inspire me to respond to the innate urge to create, to be actively engaged in the dynamics of the natural world.

Spending time outside reminds me of our place in the grand scheme of things. We live in a more-than-human world. When a wild place has been gentrified or destroyed, I feel that violation for the plants and animals that depended on that land or waterway. My art encompasses a dedication to protecting what I can, through active caring for the land and expressing my imagination through creative endeavors. 

In sharing a commitment for healthy watersheds, it helps foster a cultural shift where the natural world becomes integral to people's lives.

Join us at Stripe Friday September 4th from 5-9pm for a delicious cocktail and beautiful landscape paintings by Paola Berthoin. 

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