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Good design doesn't always have to be something innovative or groundbreaking. Sometimes adding a texture to a wall is all it takes to make a space feel finished.

Take a look at 6 wall finishes we love:

1. Using birch branches as a wall finish creates more of an outdoorsy almost cabin-like feel. The organic element infuses a rustic element to an otherwise modern design. //image//

2. What's lovely about this texture is that it is a fairly inexpensive solution. You can achieve this finish by either using wood scraps from a leftover project or going to your local lumber shop. Enjoy getting creative with a grid pattern that works for you and finish it off with a solid paint color. //image//

3. We absolutely love this look for a wall texture. The overlapping application looks beautiful with it's different natural hues of wood. //image//

4. Concrete is another amazing product to play with as a wall finish. Concrete can be very expensive especially if used in a custom setting but there are many tutorials out there explaining how to apply QuickSet to a wall or any solid piece of furniture to achieve the same look. //image//

5. This image is actually one of our designs for Misahara Jewelry in Porto Montenegro. The space we had to work with was fairly small so we knew we wanted to keep a neutral palette especially if we wanted the beautiful jewelry to stand out. We designed this door texture to wrap the wall and the jewelry case sprayed in the same paint color as the rest of the walls. It gives a three dimensional appeal without being overwhelming. //image//

6. Sheets of plywood can be used on almost any surface to create this Swedish style interior. Decorate with grays and whites and minimal pattern to keep it simple and let the grain of the wood pop. //image//

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