We're thrilled to be carrying these gorgeous hand dyed eye pillows from Stand West made right here in Santa Cruz. We've just brought them into the store and they've already garnered a strong following (we've almost sold out!) and I personally cannot wait to bring one home. We're loving them for tons of reasons, but here are our top five.

  •  Charlotte of Stand West repurposes and hand dyes fabric for the front of each eye pillow, making them all beautiful and unique.
  • The backing (the part which rests on your face) is made of luxurious raw silk. We love the mixture of materials.
  •  Each pillow is filled with a blend of delicious smelling and relaxing dried herbs (like lavender, chamomile, and rose petal) for a little bit of aromatherapy.
  •  Just ten minutes in the evening or after a bath with one of these pillows is a perfect relaxing getaway from day to day life. Block out the light and breathe deeply to get the most from your eye pillow.
  • The pillows are hand made right here in Santa Cruz. We love supporting our local makers!

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