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Based in Nashville, TN (hence the name) the husband and wife duo behind Nash & Jones started their incredible skincare and grooming line out of necessity. Tired of using the products available on the market that "made us feel sick and others made our skin break out" they decided to start their own line free of chemicals and fillers and in turn carried this philosophy over the rest of their lives, removing all harsh chemicals and cleaning products from their home. Lucky for us, we get to carry their line of all natural products made in small batches by hand, in both of our stores. We love their story and what they stand for so we recently decided to ask them a few questions on who they are and how they got here.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

Brant has a degree is K-12 Education specializing in Health/PhysEd and Kim has a Marketing/Business Communications Degree. Brant comes from a long line of teachers but was never really settled as to what he would do “for the rest of his life”. Kim was the same, and decided to study a broad major in business so future work was flexible. Throughout the experimentation of jobs/careers fresh out of college, we both knew we needed to change our direction to match our natural talents, taking direction from our hobbies. Brant, having a technology brain, has grown in the event technology world and Kim, having a creative brain, has grown in the photography and design world. We have both learned so much from past work that is applicable to our new venture. None of our time was wasted in those fields and seemingly unrelated jobs. We use every experience and piece of wisdom we have gained and apply it to our new company and product line.

What inspired you to create Nash + Jones?

The NASH + JONES line was created out of necessity. Kim and the kids are all very sensitive to unnatural foods/preservatives and products that are ingested into the skin. We started off by crafting our own natural laundry soap to help relieve the itching, irritation and smells from the laundry soap available on the market. We had such success that we tailored everything in our lifestyle to include as many homemade/natural ingredients as we could. This includes anything that is ingested…food, lotions, shampoo, detergent for laundry and dishwasher, etc. After all, what we put on our skin also soaks into our bodies. We didn’t just want to settle for just all-natural but rather we wanted to create products that were better in every way. We needed good smelling products, products that did their job better than the store bought products and beautiful packaging that could sit out on the counter. We have found that we are more free to enjoy our products {and our life} by creating them ourselves and we wanted to share. We have made it our life’s work to educate and provide quality apothecary products for those who value the all-natural ingredients and feeling good from what they use.

What do you like most about working for yourself and developing your products?

What we like most about working for ourselves and creating our own products is the flexibility. We like to be able to add new products based on what we like to use, to tweak packaging to be more attractive/useful, to add new scents that we enjoy, to work on projects at odd hours of the day and most of all…to work together. This is the start of a joint venture that brings together everything we have dreamed of. What is great about creating/selling our own products is that we personally use them and gain the most from the all-natural ingredients plus they were created to be solutions in our own lives. We are able to testify that we use these products on a daily basis and the benefits are amazing. We have seen these products change people’s lives and perception when it comes to a more natural lifestyle and feeling good about what you use. We also have the ability to partner with amazing shops with the same excitement about the line, and add value to them as well.

Nash + Jones can be found at Stripe, Stripe MEN, and www.stripedesigngroup.com. 



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