Local printmaker Lucas Elmer's art is always a welcome addition to the walls of Stripe MEN. Handmade frames complement his coastline-inspired prints and exhibit Lucas's talent for craftsmanship. You can see Lucas Elmer's craftsmanship firsthand at Stripe MEN during the month of April and celebrate his art with us at our First Friday event,April 3rd 5-9pm.  

The ocean and the coast clearly influence your work; which locations do you find most inspiring?
I am constantly inspired by the urban seascapes of Santa Cruz where waves crash into jetties and rock walls with graffiti but I also find the North Coast to be inspirational with its dramatic cliffs and abundance of wildlife. 

If you owned a boat, what name would you choose for it?
My brother owns a 27' sailboat and we named it together.  It's called "Dawn Patrol" in reference to the early morning surf hunt that we engage in daily.

What was the first piece of art you created?
The first works of art I created were half finished ceramic sculptures of monsters.  They were never fired so they were brittle and broke but my pops saved them on his desk so I still get to see them sometimes when I go to visit.

Where do you see yourself and your art in ten years?
In ten years I 'll be an Art Star makin Millions so I can live on a North Coast Goat Farm and just make stuff all day after.
What's the best adventure you've been on?
Best adventure I've been on? There are so many I wouldn't know where to start but they've all been with my closest friends and there were always some narrow escapes.


Opening Reception Friday April 3rd from 5-9pm at Stripe MEN

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