When we came across Armstrong's All Natural boot and leather waxes, we were thrilled to find a company as simple and homegrown as them. A relationship between an owner and their boots is a personal one and what is used to care for them determines their durability and life span. So here are five reasons why  we love the protective and conditioning products from this Brooklyn based company.
  • The all natural ingredients make such a difference. We love knowing the turpentine is from family owned American pine farms and the orange oil is pressed in Florida.
  • Taking the time out of your day to polish your boots is such a quiet meditative experience. 
  • The smell. We love smell of turpentine and orange oil. It's reminiscent of an artist's studio. 
  • The condition of your leather post-polish is truly impressive. Whether using the natural, black, or sienna polish, your shoes leather is really enhanced after use.
  • Protection. The turpentine spreads oils and pigment around your leather and then evaporates leaving the entire surface evenly coated and protected from the outdoors. 

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