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Dana has always been inspired by mid century design and handmade wares so it was no surprise when her and business partner Suna Lock opened Stripe in 2009 that she had an eye for quality design and fashion. We recently visited her and toured her lovely home on Santa Cruz's Westside and got an eye into her sunny California home. 


How long have you and your husband Bubb lived in your home?

We moved here in April of 2008 and instantly fell in love with the space, especially our large side yard and back studio. In the Summer we're constantly throwing barbecues, playing badminton, and gardening. 

Where do you find home design inspiration?

Everywhere... Going to flea markets, I'm constantly on pinterest, and I always find inspiration when traveling.  

What's your favorite part about your home?
My garden. 

If your house was on fire, and Bubb and your cats were safely outside, what would you go back for?
A wooden violin that hangs on my living room wall. My dad made it before I was born. And some of my grandmother's pottery. 




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