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Color can evoke emotion. It can bring back a memory so vivid and clear. It can make you feel anywhere from calm to annoyed, happy to depressed, energized to lethargic. It's amazing how color can shift the feel of a space tremendously.

If you have shopped in our stores you will notice that every few months we change the color of the back walls based on a new theme and you will also notice how different the store feels every time the color changes. This not only changes the feel of the space but it also changes the customer experience.

If you follow what our design team is up to, you will also notice how much color can effect our client's space. Whether we choose to keep a neutral backdrop to allow product or certain key items to pop or create an art installation based on a spectrum of color, the outcome always seems to be powerful. 

Take a look at a photo collection of color we are inspired by:
Image sources from top to bottom//1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//9//10//11//12//13//14//15
Follow our Color pinterest board for more inspiration. 

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