It's always interesting to see what trends are hitting the design world. This year we are seeing a lot of new and fresh approaches to tile design while also seeing major updates to traditional designs. 

Let's break down some of our favorites:

Subway tiles are quite traditional and timeless. We are now seeing a lot of white subway tile used with black grout as well as these lovely beveled tiles, giving the traditional concept a whole new flavor. (image source)

Chevron is a trend that we have seen time and time again over the last few years. Although we have been moving away from this and more into an updated herringbone pattern, seeing the design in a wall tile against beautiful brass fixtures reminds us how captivating this pattern can be. (image source)

A take off a similar pattern, we are loving the way these tiles mix and match white sleek patterns and wood grains. (image source)

We can't talk about tiles we love without talking about encaustics. We are absolutely in love with this Bruselas design. We are hoping to use this tile for a design project in 2015 so stay tuned! (image source)

This Marrakech inspired tile looks so lovely as a bathroom backsplash. The ancient feeling in an updated color pallet and finish works so well. (image source

We are not only loving this mixed grey hexagon cement tile but we are also enjoying its transition into wood planks. We've seen this used anywhere from kitchen floors to commercial spaces. Such an incredible way to bring more style to your flooring. (image source)

"Marble everything!" This is something constantly said in our office. (image source)

This faux wood trend makes us quite happy. The idea to bring an organic element into a tile that can be easily installed and maintained is brilliant! We've recently used a faux wood porcelain tile in a residential bathroom and it worked brilliantly. (image source)

And last but certainly not least, we are revisiting this encaustic tile but this time we are introducing you to one with a bit more of a Southwestern flair. Black, white and all types of lovely! (image source


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