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If you've been in our stores, you might have already noticed how keen we are on wall collections. You may have seen our back walls change from paint brush collections to dinner plates or our walls displaying a collection of water spigots, vintage keys or locks. Either way, we do love the idea of taking a theme and creating a 3D art piece around it. 


Here are a few wall collections we have worked on:

Vintage spatula collection in a kitchen

Vintage bubble-front glass art in a dining room above a piano.


Mirror collection in a bathroom

A collection of trophies, photos and miscellaneous items in a kids room.

A collection of vintage locks at Stripe Men

Our garden tools collection in our back wall last month at Stripe. 

Our rusty saw collection in our back wall at Stripe Men. 

Our key wall at Stripe.


And here are some collections that inspire us:

Rusty tools laid out beautifully in front of a bare white wall.

An variety of assorted hangers

Rows of vintage irons


The idea is to pick something you absolutely love and expand upon it. Create a theme for your home or any space you are trying to bring more life and style into. Look through your old storage boxes and see what keeps reappearing. Maybe visit your local flea market and find treasures of your own. Either way, let your imagination run wild!

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