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Citrix has been a wonderful client of ours over the last few years. They strongly believe in the power of a good working environment. 

A few months ago we installed a circular open library in their common space that was designed to become their “Touch Lab.”

In a building where everyone talks about ethereal things happening in the web, they wanted to have a way to have physical objects inspire their employees. This Touch Lab was designed to have something tactile for them to interact with. The idea is that there would be exhibitions of objects related by themes.

The first exhibition that went in was purely related by color order. The color exhibit is a perfect way to launch the touch lab because it really is a visual synopsis of the labs intention. By using the familiar and universally understood rainbow spectrum expressed through random objects we are showing that the lab is for the display of (and interaction with) items that have a relationship. 

Make sure to click on our instagram link for our panoramic video of the Color Exhibit.  

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