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Last week we went to visit Santa Cruz Bikes, a local company that we had the pleasure to work with last year.

Santa Cruz Bikes went from a homegrown, small company to being internationally recognized so it came quite natural for them to find a new facility that would not only become their corporate headquarters but also a showroom and destination point for their customers.

In designing this space, we wanted to make sure to celebrate the brand and keep the bike as the hero. We kept the integrity of the building with the raw concrete but added in some quality, simply made designs for the showroom. Organic backdrops matched with sleek, clean lines give the gentle expression of the outdoors. No detail was spared. The space is creative, timeless and classic.

Santa Cruz Bikes offers factory demos which you can reserve on their website. To learn more about their story, please visit www.santacruzbicycles.com/en/us

Address:  2841 Mission St, Santa Cruz 95060.

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