Stripe Design Group has been busy this year with some incredible design projects! Today we wanted to share a project that is close to completion. 

The Bonny Doon Vineyard recently moved to Davenport with an incredible view that is almost ethereal during sunset.

A few weeks ago, our beautiful bar was installed. The bar is made out of crab crates that were washed up in Southern California after last year’s tsunami. The wood was lightly sanded but kept as close to its original form as possible. Our incredibly talented fine-furniture maker, Jake of Jake-Design, constructed each panel beautifully, with only a few minor barnacle mishaps. 



The zinc countertop gives a sleek, modern contrast to the rustic wood bar. We recently hammered Bonny Doon’s cigar logo into the counter, which is better understood in person than in a photo. 

And finally, our beloved silver fish installation. Our school of fish wraps most of the walls in the tasting room giving this striking 3-dimensional experience.


A few more design elements you might notice are the tufted sofas that almost perfectly match the same putty color of the walls, the reclaimed wood family-style tables and benches, and the string lights on the ceiling that give off the most romantic, subtle ambiance. 

So if you haven’t been to the Bonny Doon Vineyard Tasting Room yet, we look forward to hearing about your experience there. We highly suggest trying Le Cigare Volant and timing your visit so you can catch the sunset on the way back home. 

Visit the Bonny Doon tasting room at 450 Highway 1, Davenport, CA 95017. 


daren knoell:

We were in the Bonny Doon Tasting parlor a couple of weeks ago. The design of the new room was fantastic. We particularly, in addition to their wine, loved the fish on the walls. All we know, according to the employee at Bonny Doon, is that some artist in Santa Cruz made them. Can we find out the artist’s name and contact for purchasing purposes?

Thanks for considering

Oct 04, 2014

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