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We're very excited to be carrying Harry's shave products, based in NYC. Harryʼs mission is to give the best possible shaving experience at a fair price. They've purchased the German factory that their razors were being produced in to cut costs and own the entire process from grinding high-grade steel to sending blades to your front door. We're now carrying these sets that include a razor, three blades, and a shave cream all in one tidy box. The sleek razor was designed with the best technology that features a perfectly balanced handle and pivoting heads that have four sharp blades and a moisturizing strip. 

We've tried the set out on our well groomed in house product tester, Jon (who only gets straight razor shaves), and he gave it two thumbs up and raved about how close the shave was. 

Stop by Stripe MEN and try out their sets, or just buy individual razors and creams!

Shave cream $8.00 Razor $12.00 Shave sets $28.00 / $38.00 

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