We're thrilled to be featuring the art of Dan Wysuph, a Santa Cruz tattoo artist who will be showing his brilliantly detailed and colorful paintings that we can best describe as completely badass at Stripe MEN next Friday. Here are some facts, a timeline of sorts, about Dan and his journey into the industry. Be sure to swing by and meet him in person Friday February 7th from 5 to 9 pm at Stripe MEN. 

Born into the Santa Cruz Mountains 1980.
Indoctrinated into the storytelling arts as a small child by young policemen and old infantrymen.
I am taken out of my second day of kindergarten for a hunting trip.
I learn how to speak from my Dad.
I learn how to draw from my Mom.
The whole first half of my life takes place in woods and creeks.
I have three younger siblings who can all beat me arm wrestling.
I start surfing at 14.
The whole middle part of my life takes place in the ocean.
Sara Joy says she will be my girlfriend at 19.
I abandon almost everything for tattooing at 20.
The next ten years take place in tattoo shops and traveling the world with tattooing.
I become a Dad at 29 and again at 32.
I take my sons to the woods and beaches.
We draw and tell stories.
You can find Dan at O'Reilly's Tattoo on Mission St. in Santa Cruz. 

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