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Artist Statement

I moved to the Bay Area in 1989, and have lived here, with a brief sojourn in the UK, ever since. I studied for my BFA in painting and printmaking at San Jose State.  Influences range from Bonnard to Hopper, Hockney, and Diebenkorn.
My paintings start with images in landscape. I use many layers of acrylic glazes, and also add texture with handmade papers or other materials.  Grid marks, sketch lines, and remnants of materials are allowed to remain embedded in the work, so that some marks from every layer show through the finished piece. I am interested in referring to a moment caught in time, rather than a traditional center of focus or subject. This changes the representational image at the beginning into a more abstracted and personal expression of particular emotions or thoughts.  I start out with a traditional perspective, then flatten the picture plane, similar to non-objective and abstract pieces. This forces the viewer to look beyond the image and reference colors, shapes, and compositional choices to find the meaning.
Friday September 6th
5-9 pm
107 Walnut Ave.

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